Listen to my top pieces of music in this combined album that stretches from horror & suspense to romantic drama.


Past & current productions. Click for more information.

Siblings - 2019 Feature film by Jesse Sockwell
Dear Red Killer Clown - 2020 Thriller short film by Alexander Larsson
The Night Before - 2020 Dramatic short film by Echoe Productions
...then the prince arrived - 2020 a film by Dennis Rydberg & Allie Karlsson
En Perfekt Dejt Dramatic short film by Emil Broo
ENDO-podden - 2018 Podcast on Soundcloud by Madeleine Säljö
Lyla is Late - 2018 Comedy short film by Tendrile Productions
Ultimate Amour - Piano Arr. - 2018 2 pianos arrangement
Wedding Dance - 2017 Short film by Bianca J. Montobbio
El Bimbo - Piano Arr. - 2018 2 pianos arrangement


"Being so quick, disciplined and on point" - Bianca J. Montobbio
"Responsive and easy to get along with" - Rick Gates
"He delivered under pressure and took directive very well.
He is a musical chameleon" - John F. Lindqvist

Who am I?

In early teenage years, I started playing the piano and grew very fond of classical music. By that time my rehearsing grew more and more intense until I applied to a Music Orientated High School in Gothenburg, Sweden. Being taught by some of the best professors I have met in my life, I learned that music is a multi-language kind of art that can truly touch any heart, if it is placed right.

My journey

The big leap from my educational degree was bringing my music abroad. I started approaching an international clientele to expand my knowledge for film and visual media.
To break it down, I have made features, short films, commercials, musical arrangements etc and I've noticed that every visionary within this industry wants the same thing, to tell their story.


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With an open discussion between the director/producer and the composer, one can achieve a deep level of storytelling with music.