Final cut for an upcoming Swedish short film sent to the producers and director.
Now they're working day and night to put down the last pieces with editing and sound mixing.

Can't wait for the final product!

Spotting Session

Spotting Session for the upcoming shortfilm 'Backar du så backar jag'
A shortfilm made by Nurbo Bozan with such a deep meaning and story.
Here we discussed the impact of the music, what to enhance and what to tell.
A fun and informative meeting with myself, a musician, the director and two producers.

Feb -20
Currently in the mixing stage of Siblings
The plot:
Tyson is left to take care of his half-sister, Tiffany, after their mother has passed. Estranged and different from one another, they find, over time, they see how have a lot more in common as situations arise and as revelations are made.